A Recap of Season 2

October 6, 2008

Firstly, this season was my first time blogging so I learned many things. There were many things that have happened through out this season. I have told of my rise to power, my ascendance to godhood. I have also shown some of my failures.

I have posted alot of blog randomness. Then, I have had many adventures.

I attempted to get the treasures of the silver dragon by killing him, but instead got transformed into a noob.

I have shared the greatness of S.H.I.E.L.D., the best guild ever.

I sought out the golden dragon to undo the noobness that was bestowed upon me, but was instead transformed into a super noob.

I lost my ancient Kery during this season due to a stupid hacker. I participated in many of the weekly topics, but sadly, I have not yet won weekly. I was given back power by GodGovernment, given a new ancient staff, a shield, and transform into Undead Axec.

I explained the different looks of a god.

I also explained why I chose the class I am. I gave a list of things players can do during server maintenance. I had an interview with two lower level characters.

I explained the making of +10 armor.

I had a four part story of my quest to be Axec-0blez again and Undead Axec no more.

I shared my take on the new events and the udate for the Duels. Then, I gave a thank to all the GMs for what they do for us players. I got to hang out with GM Loki, CM Dhar, and CM Tonbarry. Sadly, CM Tonbarry is no longer with us =(.

And the rest of this season, I have spent my time in the casino. At the slot machines, anxiously awaiting a jackpot. I have lost alot of money, but still I continue to play the slots. I really want a +11 god armor.

Well, that’s my recap. If there is a season 3, maybe you will see more of my fantastic blogging. So until then, goodbye. Maybe I’ll see you in-game. Once again, goodbye and may your adventures be great.


Still at the Slots

October 5, 2008

Well, I didn’t know what to write about today. I’m still at the slot machines.

Been here for three days straight now and still haven’t got the jackpot.

I’ve lost a little over 30 million gold, but I’m still at it. I really want that +11 god armor.

I will continue to be at the casino until I win the jackpot or the fairy expires.

Hopefully, I will win soon. I am begining to run out of money.


Playing the Slots

October 4, 2008

For those of you that don’t know, there is a casino in global. In order to get there though, you must have a Hidden ruin fairy. One can be purchased through Nell. You also need to purchase a casino ticket from Ruty in Azran. With the Hidden Ruin fairy equipped, use the warp next to the pk area in Azran. Once inside, right click the ticket, and you will be teleported to the casino. Head up the stairs and to the right, and there is the slot machine room. Now there are two different kinds of slot machines.

You can choose how much you want to gamble, but minimum bet is 1000. If you do manage to get a jackpot, you will receive all the money in the pot and your choice of God Armor piece +11 perfect stats. Be careful though, you can lose alot of money here. I have not got a jackpot yet, but I’m still trying xD


Hanging Out With The GMs & CMs

October 3, 2008

I got to hang out and spend some time with GM Loki, CM Tonbarry, and CM Dhar.

I got to spend time with GM Loki in the amazing GM land.

Then, during the Shout for Joy event, got to chill in the grass with CM Tonbarry.

Little bit later, received a visit from GM Loki. It really makes you feel loved, doesn’t it?

Then, once again, GM Loki made an appearance and lined up with us for a pose.

Later that day, I got to hang with CM Dhar and GM Loki while participatng in a pig race using my other character. The race consisted of two parts, from Azran to Armia and then from Armia back to Azran’s boat. In the second part of the race, the first ten people to the finish received one Lak powder. Lucky enough, I was one of those winners xD. After prizes were handed out, we all lined up for pictures.


A Thank You to the GMs

October 2, 2008

There was a great event for the month of September, the September Promo Event. You could win prizes for the amount of wcoins you spent during the entire month. The prizes were all great too, and you could when more than once. The prizes were as follows:

  • 60 winners of one [1] Newbie Pack each
  • 30 winners of one [1] God Pack each
  • 30 winners of one [1] God Armor Piece +9 [w/ perfect stat] each
  • 30 winners of one [1] Ancient God Weapons +9 [no stat] each
  • 50 Winners of ten [10] Laktorerium Powders each
  • 30 Winners of one [1] Unisus Egg each
  • 30 Winners of one [1] Pegasus Egg each

Well, I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of God Armor Piece +9 [w/ perfect stat. As soon as I saw my name on the list of winners, I immediately sent a Q & A to tell what armor I wanted. In my impatience though, I requested an armor piece without thinking. Later, I realized I should of chose a different armor (facepalm).

So I sent another Q & A asking if it was possible to exchange the piece I got for what I really wanted. Well, I received a reply when I was away from the computer =(.

So I sent another Q & A to let them know I was afk when they messaged me and that I was now back.

I then was summoned very quickly by GM Loki. GM Loki was very nice, and let me take a screenshot of us together for my blog xD. Also, I was able to exchange my armor.

So I would like to say thank you. Thank you GM Loki for allowing me to exchange my armor, for being nice and conversational, and for the screenshot. Also, thanks to all the GMs. Thank you for putting up with all my Q & A’s xD. I know you have a lot of complaints, questions, and concerns to deal with. Thank you all for your patience and work that you put into the game.

So Everyone Give A Big Thanks To The GMs Because They Do Alot For Us!


Updated Duels

October 1, 2008

For those of you who have not been to a Duel, here is a little description of what a Duel is. First, you need to have a Duel Letter in your inventory to enter. Go to the altar in the Kingdom of Noactun and right click on the letter.

When you enter, you will see colored squares on the ground just before the stairs. You need those to be 3 different colors in order for the boss to appear at the last stage. The colors are determined by how fast you kill all the monsters in each stage. Also, in order for the boss to appear, the party leader needs to have a voucher of courage equipped. You can obtain one of these by killing the king of the opposite kingdom.

There will be 3 stages in which you need to kill the 100 monsters. Be aware of the timer at the top of the screen though, for all stages are timed. Then, a finale 4th stage where you must kill 20 monsters. And, if you had 3 different colored squares, the boss will appear after all 20 monsters have been defeated.

The Duels have been change a little with the new update from this last server maintenance. The boss will now drop some very nice items. Here’s a list for those who have not read the update on the site.

The Duel (N) boss now drops:

  • Spirit Stone (AD)
  • Spirit Stone (PD)
  • Naiads
  • Laktorerium Powders

New Events

September 30, 2008

This event replaced the Games of the Generals event. While this new event is very good, it is also very difficult. The monsters lookcool, like kind of fat dragons xD. They seem to have alot of HP and defense. Their attacks are very strong and do alot of damage. I was their today and the minions damage me 3k-4k, and the scourge damage 5k-6k. They do, however, still drop powders.

The new Shout for Joy event is very cool. It occurs shortly after each “Where Am I Challenge”. The questions are broadcasted over all servers, and all you have to do is answer them. First, you need to purchase some shouts. Have the shouts in your inventory and, when you know the answer, type /spk (ANSWER) Server you are currently in. If you are the first to answer correctly, a CM will appear and give you Laktorerium powders.

These are the new and exciting events this month. So be sure to check them out when you get a chance.